Thoughtful design allows people to comfortably live many more years in their homes. A purposeful layout and design makes a home accessible, safe, beautiful, and convenient. Our home is meant to be a safe space, so it should be livable and accessible for a lifetime.

More people strive to stay in their homes as they prepare for retirement. However, younger people are also interested in having a home they can live in long term and that is visitable for all friends and family.

Universal design allows us to live in our home for as long as possible. This design is for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

Universal Design

Universal design ensures your house is convenient for you and is welcoming to all family and friends. It provides safety and independence to people of all shapes, ages, and abilities. Essential features of the universal design include:

  • Step-free entry into the house. This feature simplifies not just the use of wheelchairs or walkers but also of strollers and luggage and allows easier access for children and someone with an armful of groceries.
  • Non-slip flooring. Regardless of age and ability, everyone can benefit from the safety and function of slip-resistant flooring.
  • Wider doorways and hallways to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, luggage and furniture.
  • Lower light switches and higher electrical outlets to enable easy reach for people of various heights, ages and physical abilities.
  • Large, curb-free showers with seating and easily operated controls.

Reasons to Live At Home

Everyone enjoys the comfort and familiarity of their own home. More people choose to live at home for as long as possible, and there are numerous reasons to do so:

  • The cost of remodeling is significantly less than community living settings, such as assisted living or long term care.
  • Equity in your home can be preserved.
  • Maintaining established community and social networks like friends, churches and stores is possible, which in turn promotes happiness and good health.
  • You can continue to easily entertain guests and live with pets.
  • The independence of living at home allows you to maintain control of your environment and lifestyle.

RES Aging In Place Team

When looking into aging in place modifications, using a professional team with a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) is the best way to go. The RES Aging In Place team is made up of designers, engineers, and an Occupational Therapist who is CAPS certified.

Aging In Place Design Certified