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Our Professional Engineer reviews every plan for every home. RES engineers and troubleshoots all aspects of residential structures. We are professional problem-solvers that use innovative solutions to meet your goals – not ours.


Architects & Interior Designers

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Home engineering services include: new home designremodel designinspecting and troubleshooting problems, and providing permit ready construction documents. RES provides the necessary specifications and/or designs to improve or expand your home and we pride ourselves on fully explaining our assessments and solutions in an easy to understand manner.


We are experts in engineering homes. As part of our A&D services, RES offers structural consultations as well as structural construction documents to blend with your plans. We are well versed in local codes and make certain that our drawings are ready for permit.

We work in AutoCAD and Revit.


Our construction background and expertise will ensure your project meets your goals. We seek innovative approach to solving problems that limit costs and respect schedules, while still meeting the structural requirements. RES has extensive experience dealing with municipalities and the permitting process.


We are experts in real estate transactions and understand the dynamics of the sale. Our calm approach to presenting the issues and explaining the solutions to the buyer/seller help reduce unneeded stress. As part of our realtor engineering services, RES offers structural consultationsstructural inspectionsfoundation inspections, remodel evaluations and the structural advice your buyers and sellers need.

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RES has been in business since 2007! If you have any questions about our residential engineering services or would like to set up an appointment with our design team, please contact us today by calling (816) 399-4901 or visiting our contact page.



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