Contractor + Builder Engineering Services in Kansas City

Contractor + Builder Engineering Services in Kansas City

We are experts in residential construction and materials. Our residential engineers design solutions that keep your projects moving while maintaining structural integrity.

Inspections + Structural Evaluations

City permit inspections can make your construction schedule challenging. From subgrade to foundations to framing, RES offers a variety of inspections. We often accommodate same-day service requests because our engineers understand that you need to keep your project moving and stay on schedule. When there are failed permit inspections, we get to work to create solutions. We are also experts in soil subgrade issues and design innovative solutions to unique problems.

We have the team available to perform short notice permit inspections as needed.

Structural Plan Services

RES is the complete engineering solution for your construction business and provides all the services needed to take your project from an idea to a final set of engineered drawing set, stamped by a professional engineer and ready for permit. Everything from a new home design to a simple wall removal, no job is too big nor too small. RES will also provide AutoCAD or Revit plans that include 3D drawings and will show potential clients, city planners, homeowner associations and investors exactly what the completed project will look like.

Contact Us

RES has been in business since 2007! If you have any questions about our Contractor/ Builder engineering services or would like to set up an appointment for our engineering team to evaluate your project, please contact us today by calling (816) 399-4901 or heading over to our contact page and sending us your information. We look forward to working with you!