Homeowner Engineering Services in Kansas City

If you are planning to make structural changes to your home, our residential structural engineering team will provide you with the expertise you need to ensure your new construction is up to code and your finished design is beautiful.

What is considered a structural change? A structural change is any change that is done to the structure of your residential property. This includes: 

Custom Home Engineering

RES is the complete engineering solution for your custom home design and provides all the services needed to take your project from an idea to a final set of engineered drawings, stamped by a professional engineer and ready for permit.

Remodeling + Additions

Remodeling your home looks easy on TV, but there are many construction decisions that need the expertise of an engineer. Changing floorplans, moving load bearing walls, adding covered patios and home additions can have significant effects on the original structure of your home. RES engineers the correct supports, beams, and specifications needed for construction and the necessary documentation to acquire building permits. Using an engineer ensures that you preserve the structural integrity and the re-sale value of your home. We also offer remodel and renovation design services, which include 3D modeling!


Obtaining an unbiased, expert diagnosis of your home is the best way to know the recommended repairs for your home are appropriate and ensures you are only spending money on truly necessary improvements. When there are major repairs required to fix your home, like foundation repairs or structural repairs, we provide expert structural troubleshooting to diagnose the problems and design a complete repair plan that you can present to your contractor.


When major construction, remodeling, or renovation projects are undertaken, most cities and municipalities require a construction permit. RES produces all the plans and construction documents to obtain the necessary permits for Kansas and Missouri.

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RES has been in business since 2007! If you have any questions about our homeowner engineering services or would like to set up an appointment for our team to evaluate your project, please contact us today by calling (816) 399-4901 or heading over to our contact page and sending us your information. We look forward to meeting you!