Realtor Engineering Services in Kansas City

Realtor Engineering Services in Kansas City

RES partners with realtors in the Kansas City area and has a team approach to structural inspections. We educate the buyer/seller on any structural issues that come up when buying or selling. Our structural engineers will then design the best and simplest solution for the client’s structural problem.


During the process of purchasing or selling a property, structural issues often come up during the inspection. Our team is made up of problem solvers who provide an accurate diagnosis, a design solution and create the documentation needed to satisfy your clients, appraisers and underwriters. We strive to make the transaction as smooth as possible for everyone.

If the inspector has discovered a potential issue, RES engineers can offer a more comprehensive analysis of the problem. When an inspector finds a crack in a foundation or wall, we will produce a comprehensive evaluation of the problem and give our recommendations for any potential repairs. We try to minimize concerns for our clients by delivering practical and cost-effective solutions because we are experts in real estate transactions and understand the challenges.

Remodel Solutions

RES will perform an evaluation of a property to determine if a remodel solution is viable. We will evaluate load bearing walls, foundation type, current floor construction, roof type, and overall layout so your client will know what to expect with their remodel. We have engineered historical homes, suburban homes, tiny houses and estates. We have it all covered!

Contact Us

RES has been in business since 2007! If you have any questions about structural inspections, structural designs, or any of our home engineering services, please contact us. You can schedule an appointment by calling (816) 399-4901. You can also head over to our contact page and send us your information. We look forward to working with you!