Video Consultation with Engineer

Video Consultation with Engineer


Our residential structural engineers can provide expert verbal consultations to help answer your questions about issues with your home using video conferencing on your smartphone or tablet!


Video Consultation with Engineer


  • Visual inspections and consultation only
  • Ability to talk through the feasibility of future projects
  • Ability to assess cracks in foundation and walls
  • Determine if a site visit or more extensive engineering is required


To give expert consultation to answer general questions and determine if on-site investigations or more in-depth engineering are required.


  • $149 for up to 30-minutes of consultation with a Licensed Professional Engineer
  • 25% discount off of in-person home inspection if it is required after video assessment

How To Sign Up:

  • Fill out the “order notes” section when checking out and select a date/time that works best for you
    • Days and times are subject to availability. We will call to reschedule if the requested time is unavailable.
  • Download the “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” application on your phone using the App store or Google Play
    • You do not need to create an account to have access to the meeting
    • If you do not have an iPhone or Android phone, zoom can also be downloaded here:
  • We will send you a link to the video call


  • Verbal Consultations Only
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