Time To Downsize?

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Donate to a Worthy Cause

Is your home full of rarely used appliances and dated décor? Is your closet full of clothes you haven’t taken off the hangers in years? Are you moving and ready to let go of excess furniture? Donating the belongings you no longer need or want accomplishes two goals: cleaning out excess items to declutter your space and sharing resources to benefit someone else. It is hard to let go of our belongings, and sometimes we feel guilty about it. Giving to local organizations will give you peace of mind as you share your items with another person and help meet their needs.

Some organizations simply resell your items to the community for a low cost. This, of course, is helpful to those purchasing them. However, many organizations also use your donations and/or the revenues generated by selling them to help the community. You can choose to donate to an organization that champions causes which are important to you.

Recycle v. Dump
Keeping your belongings boxed away and collecting dust does not help anyone and neither does sending them to sit in a landfill. Though glass and paperboard items may be what comes to mind when you think of recycling programs, plenty of household goods and wares are recyclable. You can even recycle used textiles. Textiles such as old clothing can be reused, repurposed, and recycled. Even Nike has a strong recycling program for their products; check out nikegrind.com for more information. Your previously used and loved items can live on in many ways through thoughtful recycling programs.

Where to donate in Kansas City
After going through the process of cleaning out your possessions, the next step is getting them out of your home. Here is where it gets interesting! The choices are greater that you may realize. National organizations such as Goodwill Industries, Lions Club International (to donate eyeglasses), or the Salvation Army accept donations and put them to good use. But if donating to a local organization feels more meaningful to you, you can research your community for regional opportunities. We have collected the names of several local Kansas City organizations that accept household items and/or clothing donations.

Thrift Stores

  • City Thrift – This nonprofit store is owned by City Union Mission and has four different locations. They will also pick your donations up from your home if you call and make the arrangements.
  • Hillcrest Thrift Stores – These stores fund the Hillcrest Transitional Housing program.
  • Heart-n-Hand Thrift Stores – Heart-n-Hand ministry uses the thrift stores’ proceeds to support the work they are doing for Cass County residents.
  • Blessings Abound KC

Other organizations

  • Scraps KC – KC’s creative reuse resources for artists, teachers, churches, etc.
  • Blessed Dress KC – Striving to ensure every high school girl can attend their prom feeling beautiful and worthy, this organization offers free prom dresses for high school students.
  • Dress for Success Kansas City – Women are provided professional attire and support to thrive at work.
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore – ReStore takes used building materials, appliances, furniture, etc., and all the store’s proceeds go to the community to help build homes for families in need.
  • Uplift – This organization helps those who are homeless with basic human needs.
  • Operation Breakthrough – This organization provides a safe and educational environment for children in poverty.
  • Hope House – This organization helps domestic violence victims. Your household and clothing items assist those impacted by domestic violence and their families.
  • JVS (Jewish Vocational Service) – This organization supports refugees starting a new life in America.

Don’t see your favorite cause or organization on this list? A quick call to a local church or school or a quick on-line search can help you find the right new home for the belongings you are ready to donate. Remember: donating is win-win!

Note: Due to Covid 19 and health/safety concerns, some organizations may only accept new items at this time and may have
guidelines for donation drop-off procedures. Call ahead or look online for each organization’s policy.

RES Aging In Place Team
If you are downsizing in preparation to build a smaller home or are planning a remodel to prepare yourself to age in place, look to Residential Engineering Services & Design (RES) to lead you through the planning process. RES has experience with Universal Design and Aging in Place concepts. We are an experienced professional team with a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. Our design team will meet with you to plan, design, and engineer a home to live in for a lifetime.